How To Register Web Hosting with Dreamhost

How To Register A Web Hosting with Dreamhost

Registering for a new web hosting plan with Dreamhost is very simple. I’m going to show the process on how to register your web hosting with Dreamhost.

This is part 1 of ‘Create A Blog with Dreamhost‘ series.

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How To Register Web Hosting with Dreamhost2


Let’s start!

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Create A New Account

How To Register Web Hosting with Dreamhost

When you’ve decided to sign up for the shared web hosting plan at Dreamhost, the first thing you need to do is to create an account. This is to enable your access to your control panel later.

Put in your email address and your chosen password then click ‘Continue‘.

If you already have an account, you can log in to your control panel and purchase a new domain from there.

Choose Your Domain

How To Register Web Hosting with Dreamhost

The next step is your domain. Write the domain name that you have chosen including the extension (e.g. *.com). It will tell you whether your domain name is available to be registered or not. If your chosen name is not available, change the extension or choose a new name instead.

For new customers, you get a domain free for the first year + domain privacy (if eligible).

You could also host a free sub-domain.

How To Register Web Hosting with Dreamhost

For a free sub-domain, you just need to put in your blog name. Your URL will have * in it.

Since you’re getting a free domain anyway with your new registration, I’m not sure why you would want a sub-domain that uses their domain unless you don’t plan on getting a domain, ever. Still, I’m not sure why you would want to do that.

You still have to pay for your hosting plan even if you choose a free sub-domain.

Choose Hosting Plan

How To Register Web Hosting with Dreamhost

Choose your hosting plan – you can choose to either pay monthly, 1 year in advance or 3 years in advance and save some money.

Select Additional Options 

How To Register Web Hosting with Dreamhost

The next step is to choose some additional add-ons that you could include with your plan.

The first is the option to have Malware Remover (+$1.50/m). If you’re scared of malware or attacks to your website, this is a good option to add.

MySQL VPS is sort of like a virtual private server for your MySQL databases. WordPress use database to store your information. Some other applications (e.g. OpenCart) use MySQL database as well. If your website gets too big and too popular or if you plan on hosting a lot of websites that uses MySQL, you need this option. Otherwise, you can ignore this.

Install WordPressYES. Click this, please.

It will automatically install WordPress for you so when your account is ready, WordPress is already set up. You won’t need to deal with installing it. There’s no additional cost. So go ahead and click this for your convenience (if you plan on using WordPress that is).

Pay For Your Shared Web Hosting Plan Order

How To Register Web Hosting with Dreamhost

This would be the last step. It’s time to make a payment for your web hosting plan. The first part is to fill in your details.

The first part is to fill in your details. Don’t worry about your details being publicly shown in the Whois database. Remember that you’re already getting a free domain privacy.

Uncheck the box if you’re registering for a different person or a company. If it’s for personal use, leave the box checked.

How To Register Web Hosting with Dreamhost

After that, you need to fill in your valid credit card or debit card details.

How To Register Web Hosting with Dreamhost

Then check the summary of your order. If you’ve added any additional options, it will be shown here. If there is any discount, it will also be shown here and your total amount will be deducted. Want some discount? You can use my link to get $25 off your Dreamhost web hosting purchase. The offer is valid only for this particular link I just disclosed to you. Other links are just my normal affiliate link.

If you’re satisfied with everything, then click the button to place your order.

Next step is to wait for the confirmation email by Dreamhost to know if your purchase is successful or not.

You’re done! Simple, no?


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